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[BlindHandyMan] Description of Hand Planes

Musings, methods, and milestones from an amateur woodworker Tuesday, September 23, Used Hand Planes part 2: Some things can be fixed, and some things should be avoided. Some parts are easily and often should be replaced, and some parts are really important to get right when buying your used plane.

Stanley Australia Tools Founded in , by an enterprising businessman named Frederick Trent Stanley. Stanley established a little shop in New Britain, Connecticut to manufacture door bolts and other hardware from wrought iron.

A closer look will show that the No. It has two fences, both right and left hand. The center sliding section has extra screws so that it can be adjusted up and down, and has a tower-like attachment at the front which functions as an additional skate that can also be adjusted. This feature of three skates, or bearing surfaces that move in relation to each other is the core of the difference between the two planes. Plow, bead, match and sash cutters come with the plane.

There are special cutters for the No. Special cutters for the No.. These are not marked with a diamond in the illustration The No. The set of No. In a rosewood wear strip was added.

Dating Record Planes

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At best all that one can buy are reasonable copies of Preston’s iron adjustable shoulder planes now made by Record and Clifton. None are as easy to use and wonderful in the hand .

Experience th e joy of quality tools for sharpening and the results produced. Tips about Sharpening, Tuning and maintenance of sharpening equipment. Please let me know if you have any problems with the shopping cart. For angles in between, the fence locks in place with a gyratory handle. The sound of a finely tuned plane taking off shavings less than a thou. Of all the tools available to woodworkers, Planes and Chisels are probably the only ones that are not ready to go, right out of the box.

Even high-ticket brands need honing before they are used, older Planes need more work. Diamond Plates for rough and medium, Waterstones for medium to fine to a super fine mirror finish. Grades from Soft through Hard, Translucent and Black. Note that Translucent is the Rarest but Black is the Finest. Honing Guides and Jigs from Veritas, Canada. I have always been amazed that New Woodworking Planes need work before use. The Blades are unprepared, sometimes they claim to be Lapped but soon prove wrong during the Honing Process.

Record versus Record Marpleshand planeshelp with ID and quality

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Note the indistinct ‘rib’ across the bottom at the rear, also found on very early 2 inch lever caps see above. Other factors such as military marks, boxes, penciled prices compared to price lists and Woden plane instructions WPI , have assisted in confirming these dating periods. Early and mid dated planes were packed in L1 boxes and later planes in L2 boxes see packaging below. These labels have been found on both L1 and L2 boxes. L2 boxed planes may also be found with NIC but no sticker.

This could be because NIC was then standard production and therefore these planes will be later production. Here are some other notes which may assist:: The body side and base thickness did vary slightly within sizes, varying from about 2. Casting marks on bench planes can be found underneath the handle. According to the Woden catalogues, all parts were made at the factory.

It is probably that all early bodies were cast at the Wednesbury foundry, changing to an outside supplier from late onwards.

Block Planes Lie

This section talks you through some easy ways to identify the date. This page is dedicated to discussing general ways of aging a group of planes. Any individual tool date identifying points will be discussed on its respective tool page. The Type Of Record Plane Box There has been a variety of different boxes used since the company first started producing planes.

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The ability of the individual tool to do the job for which it was designed is what matters. Even in the “good ol’ days” a few clinkers got through the door. Even in the dark days of lowered quality some good tools were inevitable. You really won’t be able to tell until you sharpen the blade and put it to wood. Maybe when it arrives you can post some pictures of what it can do.

One of my best planes is, believe it or not, a Footprint No 5 that was made in England I think by Sargeant probably in the 70s. Big really big heavy brass smooth turning depth adjustment wheel, nice tight but smooth lateral adjustment, and a heavy casting akin to the war time Stanleys. The only work I ever did to it was min of lapping the sole, and I never bothered to upgrade the blade. Every time I pick it up I see the name “Footprint” on it and look at it with mistrust and skepticism, and every time I use it I am blown away by how wonderfully it functions for very fine work.

Stanley Bailey No/2 Low Angle Block Plane

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Found this book it is a PDF It has good detail into history and principles of planes and their use and even some good pictures of work benches and clamping.

The vendor had a sticker on it mentioning the date of A cursory look over, the frog surface, the dates of patents on it, no frog screw adj, low knob etc, all pointed toward the same vintage, so I did not questioned it, I just quickly look up where falls in the Type study: Type 9 and proclaimed it earlier in a previous post. Now lets see if the seller and I still agree when looking closer. Mine is corrugated so it cannot be before The vast majority of Type category pretty well all start with a sentence like: All the features of the previous, except: That means we have to look back in order to see what else to look for.


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Bailey Bench Plane Collection. OldToolUser’s Bench Plane Collection (#3 to #8) The set of user bench planes I have collected and restored consist mainly of Stanley Bailey Type 9,10 and I chose this type as one that is easier to restore. The surfaces were the frog meets the sole are more solid in particular and I prefer the low front knob.

Three hand saws inc. Three Disston hand saws inc. Two Keen Kutter saws: Needs a light cleaning, good etch. Three steel plumb bobs inc. Pair plumb bobs inc.

How to buy used hand planes- How much should you pay? What to look for…