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The region of present-day Portugal was inhabited by Neanderthals and then by Homo sapiens , who roamed the border-less region of the northern Iberian peninsula. Neolithic Portugal experimented with domestication of herding animals, the raising of some cereal crops and fluvial or marine fishing. Modern archeology and research shows a Portuguese root to the Celts in Portugal and elsewhere. A few small, semi-permanent, commercial coastal settlements such as Tavira were also founded in the Algarve region by Phoenicians – Carthaginians.

For a stunning view of Lisbon, head for the hills, or at least to the hilltop Castle of São Jorge (Castelo de São Jorge in Portuguese). This Medieval castle towers over the Baixa, Lisbon’s lower town, and has commanding views of the city and the coast.

The Romans made it a place of cult moon worshiping and named it “Cynthia” after the goddess of the moon. They were followed by the Moors who also fell in love with the lush vegetation and built a hilltop castle, a palace, and several fountains around the town. Later it became the summer residence of the Portuguese royal family and attracted a number of wealthy aristocrats who built huge mansions and villas.

Famous British poet and traveler Lord Byron stopped by in the 18th century, writing that the town is “perhaps in every respect the most delightful in Europe,” and calling it a “glorious Eden” in his epic poem Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage. His fellow countryman Robert Southey followed him and saw it as “the most blessed spot on the whole inhabitable globe.

Its fairytale palaces, incredible vistas, and notable museum collections make it a destination you should make the effort to see, especially if you visit Lisbon. It is easy to reach from the capital, just a minute drive on the IC19 highway, although taking the train is really the best option. Parking spots are scarce, and it is better seen on foot. The train ride takes about 40 minutes from Rossio Station in the center of Lisbon.

In the main square is the National Palace, dating from the 14th century. Its two gigantic conical chimneys are the town’s most recognizable landmarks, while the rest of the building is a combination of the Moorish, Gothic and Manueline styles. Inside it possesses what is said to be the most extensive collection of Mudejar Azulejos colored glazed tiles in the world, and several exceptional rooms. The former banquet hall, Sala dos Cisnes “Room of the Swans” , also has a magnificent ceiling, divided into octagonal panels decorated with swans painted in the 17th century.

Castle of S. Jorge

Renowned for world-class whale watching, hot mineral springs, and quaint seaside towns, each island has its own fascinating identity. Historic sites, gorgeous beaches and tasty cuisine also make Aveiro a popular tourist destination. These all offer lovely architecture and art works. With a history dating back more than 2, years, Evora was once a flourishing city under Roman rule.

Today, Evora is the capital of the Alentejo region, regarded for its well-preserved Old Town, which shelters more than 4, historic structures including the old Roman walls and temples.

The Chancery The U.S. Embassy in Lisbon represents an example of the historic Portuguese-American friendship dating back to , when the first American Resident Minister in Portugal was officially appointed. Located on the site of the former “Quinta do Pinheiro” (Travessa do Espírito Santo, 8) the building faces the Avenida das Forças Armadas.

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Jews lived and remain active in social and commercial life of the peninsula during the Visigoth and Muslim periods of occupation 5th -8th century C. Several important Jewish communities were already active when the kingdom of Portugal was founded in the 12th century. During the first dynasty, Jews enjoy relative protection from the crown. The crown recognized the Jewish community as a distinct legal entity and appointed specific rulers to adjucate their cases. The clergy wanted to invoke restrictions of the Lateran Council against the Jews , but King Dinis resisted and reassured the Jews that they did not have to pay tithes to the church.

Beautiful, culturally resplendent and immensely significant in Portuguese history, Belém is one of the jewels in Lisbon’s crown. In terms of places to visit and sights to see, this elegant area of the city probably holds the record.

Lauren Published on July 21st, Last updated: After five years and 70 countries, it was time to stop. Not travelling, but travelling full-time. I wanted a home. I wanted to enrich my life with more than all travel all the time, even though travel is pretty great. I wanted a kitchen and a gym membership, so I could work on improving my health. It was the ultimate first world problem, guys.

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For this reason it is referred to as the Alpha World City. Located in the Southern European country of Portugal, the city is the 12th most populous urban area in the European Union. It covers an administrative area of The city experiences a mild Subtropical-Mediterranean climate. Winters are relatively warm with temperatures averaging This runs from December to February.

Our trip begins in Lisbon, Portugal with a 9am group rendezvous. A short drive brings us to the dramatic Peninha Sanctuary. According to local legend, the 17th-century chapel was built after the Virgin Mary appeared to a hermit.

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Written by Paul Bernhardt Lisbon, the capital of Portugal , is one of Europe’s most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities. Set over a series of hills near the mouth of the River Tagus, it’s a place inextricably linked with the sea. Intrepid navigators embarked from here in the 15th and 16th centuries to sail unknown waters and chart new lands, and the legacy of this golden Age of Discovery underpins much of the city’s culture and heritage.

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Mogadouro -one can still admire the pillory, the 16th-century Mother Church with a 17th-century tower and interesting gilded retables from the 18th century decorating the altars , some curious mansions although not too well preserved and the Convent of St. Francis, dating from the 16th and 17th centuries and with paintings worthy of record. Ponte de Barca — Jardim dos Poetas Garden of two Poets lodges some of the main monuments and is ideal for picnics or for taking a stroll due to its tranquil atmosphere and bucolic scenery.

Near the river, the large open-air market also attracts many visitors. Ponte de Lima — the town is named after the bridge which crosses the River Lima into the town. This historical bridge has 24 arches of which four on the south bank is the original roman construction. Worth seeing is the Parish Church, built under orders given by King D. One should not miss a visit to the wine cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia and free tasting of the famous port wine. The monastery is now an agricultural college and also lodges de Abade Pedrosa Museum, exhibiting local archaeological findings such as stone axes and ceramics.

Torre de Montecorvo -The town of Torre de Montecorvo is proud of its maze of Medieval streets, and specially of the magnificent 16th-century Mother Church, with an altarpiece from the 17th century depicting scenes from the life of Christ. Of the castle, little remains except for some ruins of the walls and the curious Our Lady of Remedies Arch. Viana do Castelo — Spread along the north bank of the Lima estuary where one can take trips on typical boats , this town is famous for its handicrafts and colourful regional costumes.

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