Meanwhile, Ced tries to pitch another one of his get-rich-quick schemes, which he calls “Bro” Balls, black golf balls to the contestants at the golf tournament. However, the plans to appear at the star-studded event are called into question when, unlike Cedric, Steve fails to ask Regina for the day off. And when Steve tries declaring the day of the golf tournament “Self-Reliance Day,” making it unnecessary for his students to attend class, Regina demands he be there to teach. Meanwhile, Angela’s wild sisters Yvette, Claire and Karen visit to plan their parents’ 50th anniversary, but they start arguing the minute they arrive, and Angela quickly grows tired of being the mediator. Cedric and Lovita hope to interest the celebrities playing in the tournament in their new line of black golf balls. Despite Regina’s orders, Steve is intent on playing in the tournament. On the advice of his students, he then hatches a plan to make it appear as though he’s in class, even as he is playing golf. With Steve at the course, Lydia, Romeo and Bullethead conspire to keep Regina from learning the truth. And when Regina’s suspicions are aroused, they use a mannequin and taped lectures to make it appear as though Steve is teaching. Meanwhile, with three guests in Steve’s apartment, Steve and the boys camp out in the backyard for a few nights cautions Cedric against coming on too strong with his “Bro-Ball” sales pitch.

How to Tell if Your Date Is Married: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

So much to unpack. I am more than sure T. Jakes would appauld her struggle for positivity … SameoleJ Amen!! LabellaMior I wish her the best.. This is what the new generation likes…look at TSR and Famelous… for example.

Parishioner Audrey Stevenson physically assaulted while being “Disciplined” at TD Jakes’ Potter House – PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE THIS VIDEO!!! I am subscribed .

I feel bad for Zora just a little bit because I think she likes the othe guy otherwise why would she care about who he out with and how the other young lady acquired him…. How I miss that mdottwo This show is a piece of cultural slander against black Christians, the Church and African American culture; created by a white man with the obvious agenda is to snooker black Christians into abandoning The Word of God in favor of embracing the politically correct homosexual political agenda. They present black Christians they way they want them to be rather than the way they are.

They are presenting the world as it is!!! This show portrays black christians so well! A skewed presentation of pastors in general. Ashley Brock I respectfully disagree about it being a misrepresentation. Having a family full of pastors and being raised in the church, I know this show is quite accurate. Some are just better at hiding it than others.

10 Questions on Dating with Matt Chandler

Evidently produced by the same Soviet model kit design team sometime during the Cold War, each of the subs is a separate injection molded plastic kit. The kits build into full hull models ranging from five to seven and a half inches in length. This very basic full-hull rendition of this s-era Soviet sub is depicted as it appeared during World War II with the mm deck gun but with the conning tower mounted mm gun removed.

TD Jakes daughter/Touré Roberts and Sarah Jakes on Love, Purpose, Relationships and Destiny Find this Pin and more on Sarah Jakes by Shayla. A man with a plan and a strong work ethic, in the end will far surpass the man with superior gifts and talents alone!

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Sermons about Relationships Marriage

As a result, Fred Hammond has become one of the most respected names in the music industry! Throughout his professional career, Hammond has maintained a reputation for excellence and few gospel artists can boast of the consistency of sales, radio airplay and concert appearances that Hammond has achieved over the course of his career independent of the cross-over boost. Since their inception, Hammond has served as producer on more than album projects, racking up numerous awards and nominations including the Grammy, BET, N.

Over the years, he went on to produce several other incredible specialty projects including his Jazz album Grandad Turner, the project dedicated to love, relationships, and marriage—God, Love, and Romance, and the formation of the United Tenors-an incredible, relevant yet nostalgic presentation of the ultimate, modern-day quartet with hit after hit, earning several stellar awards and nominations in The pages continue to turn for the platinum recording artist!

Hammond has taken his creative savvy to a higher level moving into from the stage to the big screen with the movie, The Gospel.

Steve is a variety show hosted by Steve Harvey featuring some of the biggest names in film, television and music.

It could be a sign of bright bling to come. Either your partner is coming down with something, or they’re planning to pop the question. Growing Out of Their Single Ways You can tell the single days are behind them when their number-one priority is no longer themselves. Redecorating You may notice certain items have disappeared from their pad, like their college posters.

And did they ditch that ugly brown chair for something a little nicer? It could be the start of major changes—your partner is making room in their life for you, both physically and emotionally. Curbing Big Purchases Has your significant other gone from big spender to big saver? They might be eliminating frivolous spending to brace for a large down payment on your engagement ring.

Not Complaining About Weddings While at a wedding together, it’s more than just the usual eagerness for an open bar.


She later said that her conception was due to a single sexual encounter and the couple broke up not long after. Winfrey’s biological father is usually noted as Vernon Winfrey born c. However, the East Asian markers may, given the imprecision of genetic testing, actually be Native American.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing,” encouraged Walt Disney, founder of the Walt Disney Company. Oftentimes, the effort required to launch and sustain a successful business discourages most burgeoning entrepreneurs and leaders from realizing their dreams.

One of those is the way we write calls to action or CTAs. And this is nothing new. Marketers have been using similar call to action to drive action for years — even before they were writing them for websites and digital ad campaigns. This means that there are some basic principles marketers have been using for years that continue to drive results. A call to action is an invitation for a user to take some desired action. You often see a call to action in persuasive writing.

A political action group may write a piece on the importance of voting in the next election, for example. Their piece would probably end with a call for readers to register to vote with a link to a voter registration form. You will also see a call to action button on homepages, in the right rail or even above the nav bar. A company will put them anywhere they know their readers are looking to invite them to subscribe, browse products, input information or a number of other desired outcomes.

Do you want to increase subscriptions? Move readers to another content piece? Once you know what you want to do, you can think about how best to do it. The best call to action phrases are brief and use strong verbs.

Life After Divorce: 12 Ways to Rebuild Your Life

Justin Beiber is just a publicity tool for these grifters. I’m sure plenty of them believe in what they’re doing, and believe that they’re making a difference in the lives of others. However, certain “churches” in this sect of Christianity are rolling in the dough. That’s what these places eventually become.

Out of the hundreds of video podcasts I’ve recorded, my highest viewed videos on YouTube are on “Breaking Soul Ties”. I receive countless emails, letters and messages from women and men with questions about this intimate topic.

The title of the piece is The case for cracking down on Tinder lies, a Fish have their own nat The Church of Jesus Christ of La Glimpses of My Testimony: Part 3 – From: The Narrow Path Escaping the grips of deception while discovering His way life and truth. The Presence of God or Demons in Church?


Someone had this posted on Facebook and I clicked on it out of curiosity. According to Bishop T. D Jakes, there are three types of friendships: They are into you whether you are up or down, right or wrong, they are in it for the long haul. You can share anything with them.

The War of Political Correctness – In a liberal democracy seemingly everything is permissible, but politically incorrect events immediately trigger an avalanche reaction of resistance: int.

December 13, by Kasia Mikoluk Often when you feel that your relationship is on the rocks, the first thing on your mind is how to stop it from ending and how to make the other person stay. But if there is something seriously wrong, then convincing your partner not to leave and convincing yourself that you have to stay together without working on the problems that you have together is like putting a bandage over a gunshot wound: You cannot continue to build on damaged foundations and the same applies to a relationship.

You must work together to break it down and re-build it stronger and there are many ways to do this, but they all revolve around a few basic tenets. Communication, trust, mutual understanding, hard work and commitment are needed in every relationship. A healthy relationship always involves communication. But when hurt feelings are involved it is often difficult to communicate in a clear and rational way, and discussions often devolve into arguments which solve nothing.

Figuring out what is essentially broken with your relationship is the first step to healing it and moving forward in a new way together. Set aside a time with no distractions to commit fully to discussing your problems in a frank and open manner.

“Sometimes LOVE requires LOSING!”