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He began nuzzling my neck with delicate kisses. So faint, they were whispers. My limp body began to tremble uncontrollably. His head was angled slightly to the side as his l The two of them find that they’re a lot more similar than they think, a They were performing everywhere, and meeting everyone. They were getting it all.

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To get into Chalmers for industrial economics you need straight A’s, but somehow I was happier selling hot dogs and making my own gaming-videos. To drop out of university to pursue YouTube, that’d just be fucking stupid. He begins each video introducing himself in a high-pitched, goofy voice, drawing out the vowels of his YouTube moniker, then delves into the videos.

It’s literally just me. There’s not a producer out there [ I really shouldn’t be doing it, I really should just fucking go back and upload twice a week or some shit, and then take a step back, but I still really, really love the daily challenge—the daily grind—of just being like, ‘hey, I’m gonna make a video today, no matter what.

YouTube was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, who were all early employees of PayPal. Hurley had studied design at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and Chen and Karim studied computer science together at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. According to a story that has often been repeated in the media, Hurley and Chen developed the idea for YouTube during the.

Just For Feet was a growing shoe retailer who distinguished themselves with basketball courts inside stores, an in-store snack bar, in-store appearances by professional athletes, and a large clearance section among others. Nowadays, however, they are known for being taken down by a terrible Super Bowl commercial accused of being racist and insensitive. The ad, alongside accusations of accounting fraud, helped bankrupt the company, which collapsed not too long afterwards, and it’s all that they’re known for now.

The commercial, depicting the chain owner’s daughter accidentally knocking over two men who crash into two tall stacks of mattresses , went viral and got major backlash over its poor taste. A few days later, it was announced they would reopen their stores under new employees and management. In , Cheerios released an ad that featured an interracial family. Unfortunately, the ad became less known for its content and more known for the racist comments it received. In , Pepsi released an ad starring Kendall Jenner where during a photo shoot, she decides to hand a Pepsi to a cop during the middle of a protest.

The ad was heavily panned for being tone deaf and promoting the message that Pepsi would ease tensions between protesting factions.


Any genuine women would NEVER ask a total stranger to send money, if she is even hinting at sending any money you should drop her straight away. Add Comment You can hit that limit pretty quickly in a large city like St. Russia Dating is the ideal online spot.

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From left to right: Karim did not attend the party and denied that it had occurred, but Chen commented that the idea that YouTube was founded after a dinner party “was probably very strengthened by marketing ideas around creating a story that was very digestible”. Karim could not easily find video clips of either event online, which led to the idea of a video sharing site. The first video to reach one million views was a Nike advertisement featuring Ronaldinho in November Universal Tube has since changed the name of its website to www.

According to YouTube, this was the first worldwide free online broadcast of a major sporting event. Google product manager Shiva Rajaraman commented: The app is designed to provide an experience optimized for children, and features a simplified user interface, curated selections of channels featuring age-approriate content including existing channels and entertainment brands , and parental control features. YouTube remains as a subsidiary of Google.

The complex has , square feet of space and can house up to 2, employees. Playback Previously, viewing YouTube videos on a personal computer required the Adobe Flash Player plug-in to be installed in the browser. Users who have a good track record of complying with the site’s Community Guidelines may be offered the ability to upload videos up to 12 hours in length, as well as live streams, which requires verifying the account, normally through a mobile phone.

Videos can be at most GB in size. Such captioning is usually not perfectly accurate, so YouTube provides several options for manually entering the captions for greater accuracy.


Recent uproar from some of his ‘jokes’ suggesting anti-Semitic messages has cost the year-old his connection with Disney, the major trans-national corporation which bought Maker Studios three years ago to work alongside the YouTuber. This video, alongside two others with similar imagery, were viewed 23 million times before being deleted. Fellow YouTube success story Casey Neistat shared his views on the matter in a vlog, and judging by the comment section, many weren’t happy with what he had to say, while other’s believed it was an unbiased and informative.

I do find it bizarre that he thought his audience weren’t already aware of how ‘crazy’ antisemitism is mind you. I am in no way supporting any kind of hateful attitudes.

A reader writes: I have a question about an interview that I’m pretty sure I bombed recently. Things were going fairly well until my interviewer asked me for my favorite book and favorite movie.

As you can see from her ultimate compilation of nude scenes in the video below, it certainly should comes as no surprise to see Ana de Armas brazenly displaying her blasphemous breast meat.. It is great to see and hear that Jordyn Jones has finally found her purpose in life, for in the past she has drifted aimlessly dabbling in everything from dancing and singing to modeling. In this film Chloe plays a cunt hungry lesboqueer who is caught dyking out with the prom queen, and sent away to a..

As you can see from these nude photos and video clip, Miley Cyrus held nothing back on the set of this music video, as she opted out of using pasties and a nude colored crotch pad. Unfortunately not long after.. Of course it is not at all surprising to see Margot Robbie getting her anus hole stretched open like this, for she is a descendant of degenerate criminals who were shipped off to the penal colony of Australia.

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Sweden is an incredible country often missed by those who only venture about Southern, Central or Eastern Europe. It has a spectacular landscape, amazing cities, and an educated population, most of whom speak English. Furthermore, its history and culture are much older than ours in North America. Up north the land is covered with dense green forests. In between lies a pastoral countryside filled with ancient Viking burial grounds and fantastic biking and hiking paths.

Embedded with ten centuries of history and culture, it stands on 14 islands where the lake meets the sea. The Swedish Royal Capital is also widely known for its remarkable modernity, progressiveness and trend sensitivity. It encompasses everything from lifestyle to fashion, design, food and drink and usage of new technology. The combination of magnificent scenery, history and tradition, and its innovative spirit combine to give Stockholm exceptional character and charm.

Swedes claim Stockholm is a city with all the top qualities of a major metropolis but with few downsides. Vast green areas permeate the city with plenty of space for everyone to roam freely. Few other places let you experience the pleasures of nature, urban sophistication, and cultural history all in a single day.

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There is no description for this video. Pewdiepie Felix A hot Swedish youtubegamer. Alla tonringar vet vem Pewdiepie Pewdiepie. Youtube, med sin son i spelet Happy wheels och bda.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela born 18 July is a South African politician who was the President of South Africa from to , the first ever to be elected in a fully representative and multi-racial election. His administration focused on dismantling the legacy of apartheid, as .

He enjoys exploring subterranean places, reading about a host of interconnected topics, and yearns for Tradition. For decades, every time he spoke in public, Roman statesman Cato the Elder would say at least once Carthago delenda est. Carthage must be destroyed! What had started as a tepid strife between two antique powers, unable to share the Mediterranean Sea without constant bickering, had become a full-fledged war. Over tough years, Romans realized they would never have peace save for the total destruction of Carthage.

It was long and difficult, but it was done—and the child-sacrificing, Baal-worshipping Carthaginians virtually disappeared from history. Sometimes I wonder if leftism is not the Carthage of our times. Leftism feeds on sacrifice: In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as orthodox Marxism, it turned the plant workers against everyone else and created the gulags.

Liberal humanism As a Frenchman, I got both.

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CrianaGaming 3, Criana has a lot of videos on her channel. The Old Republic Jedi Knight. Cuddleofdeath 76, Kristen is most known for playing Pokemon and Nintendo-related games on her channel. The Old Republic and Pokemon Ruby. Bloodlines, Sentinels of the Multiverse, some nostalgia with the original Super Mario Bros series, and indie games to which she links in the video descriptions.

1) Stockholm. The most popular of the top 10 places in Sweden is its capital. Stockholm is celebrated not only as the capital of Scandinavia but also as one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Embedded with ten centuries of history and culture, it stands on 14 islands where the lake meets the sea.

Characters which appear in the Jacksfilms Universe. He launched the channel on June 26th, and since then started uploading comedy filled videos, which include parodies, often about infomercials, as well as his Your Grammar Sucks series. Jack in January launched a new series called ”JackAsk” in which he answers fan submitted questions, often in a humorous, sarcastic and even serious way.

The Jacksfilms channel currently holds over 1. Klondike Klondike is Jack and Erin’s dog. She is a Toy American Eskimo, and is female. She first appeared in Your Grammar Sucks 59, in the very first comment scene. She is often asked various and random questions in JackAsk, and Jack portrays her appearance as racist towards black dogs.

Jack also gives her a high pitched, yet obnoxious voice. Jack stated on JackAsk that her birthday is on July 19th.

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The video cuts to black for several minutes and returns with distorted video and loud screaming audio at the end. Origin The video was uploaded by YouTuber Nec1 on November 25th, and was accompanied by a lengthy description with a fabricated back-story. Video Description So do any of you remember those Mickey Mouse cartoons from the s? The ones that were just put out on DVD a few years ago?

A year-old girl builds a tiny world that she has complete, perfect control over. And then one day, that world forces her to make an impossible decision.

Intellus commercial — Finding people plus background checks on people and other features. US Search commercial — Finding people plus background checks on people. Integrascan — Finding people plus background checks on people. Deeper level of search for subscription. The collection encompasses others such as Gutenberg Press, etc. So this is the best site to start with.