A50 Audio System review: Astro Gaming’s latest wireless headset (mostly) pwns in

There are also different editions of the new model such as the Halo Master Chief version. There are a few things that prevent it from being a perfect wireless headset and in our view slightly behind the Steel Series H Wireless Gaming Headset but on the whole you cannot do wrong in opting to pick a set of these up. In addition, it uses Kleerner 5. Unfortunately, it doe snot use Bluetooth — as is the case with the Steels Series H and Corsair Vengeance , which is a shame as it would be nice to be able to connect to devices via Bluetooth. The headset has an integrated non changeable battery which is charged using a micro USB cable into it. It would be nice if there was a neater charging solution on the Astro A50 similar to how the Turtle Beach elite works or being able to hang it off the stand and it automatically charge.

Astro Gaming A40 Audio System [REVIEW]

Optical, USB Headset inputs: Removable boom mic Weight: The light stitching contrasts really well to the black of the leather and the padding is genuinely substantial enough to cushion the crown and prevent any aching or pain even over the most lengthy play sessions. The frame is cool to the touch and finished in a matte, two-tone chrome finish. Each ear cup can be rotated through a pleasingly wide arc, and there is that lovely piston-feel resistance on each, which means that the angle at which each is orientated does not change accidentally when taking the headset on and off, or placing it down on a flat surface between uses.

When it comes to gaming headsets, Astro is king to the throne. Its A50 model is considered a standard for most eSports players around the globe. Every time the company releases a new line or model, it automatically becomes the must-own item for any gaming console.

The manufacturer provided this product for review. The A50 supports 7. Directional audio was superb in all titles. Titanfall 2 really put the A50s to the test as Attrition matches can get really chaotic during the final moments. But even in the more epic firefights, you never lose the ability to listen and detect where enemy players are. The moments when Titans come crashing down to earth sounds like they just slammed into my living room because of the bass that comes through here.


I also got the Astro A50 but don’t expierence any buzz. Did you update the firmware? For the headset leave the mixamp plugged in and connect the headset to he mixamp. After this follow this tutorial: Yea ive updated my firmware, well normal play I dont hear any hums and buzz, I was just test recording a voice msg to one of my friends and when I replayed the sound clip I can hear the white noise with my voice.

But don’t know what else it could be tho.

On the other ear cup, there are two more ports, one for the Xbox One cable hook up and the other is a micro-USB for charging the headset. The headband is expandable with a cool sliding mechanism.

Its A50 model is considered a standard for most eSports players around the globe. Every time the company releases a new line or model, it automatically becomes the must-own item for any gaming console. With the next-gen systems celebrating their one-year anniversaries this winter, Astro has decided to go bigger and better by updating its most popular product to date in the A50 headset. The original model was critically acclaimed for its luxury comfort and sound quality.

Gamers will certainly see a difference in design with the newest model. But what about overall performance? Will they be able to hear or tell the major difference between the two? Design Astro headsets have always carried a very unique design. The big ear cups with the thick and sturdy head band are pretty much signature at this point. When you take the headset out the box, the first thing you will notice is the new color scheme.

The headset is black with steel around the ear cups and the head band. Thought what catches the eye is the royal blue wiring throughout the frame. On the bottom of the transmitter you will also see royal blue on the front with the Astro logo. They look slimmer and are not surrounded with so much of that thick black plastic, which has been removed and replaced with steel that connects everything together.

Astro MixAmp review

The A10 works fine across all platforms, including mobile devices. The main difference between the PS and Xbox models is the color. If you are mainly an Xbox One player, you can also take advantage of the bundle that comes with MixAmp M60 , so that you can simply plug it into the Xbox controller and you are all set.

As for the A40, it is a corded headset that has a MixAmp for balancing game and voice audio.

AP5 wroteI there a way to use my astro a50 headset with my iphone such as a cable or some type of converter any help Is very appreciated thanks in advance It depends if your Astros have a USB hookup, If they do than just have a USB wall charger and put in the wall charger and put your headset USB in.

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A40 Astro Tr Sale

Verdict Setup One of the best features of the Astro A50 is how it plays nicely with so many different toys. As long a device has an optical port, the A50 will work with it right out of the box. Once you’ve plugged in, syncing is relatively painless. For most setups, the Astro A50 uses two connections: After plugging into those two ports, syncing is accomplished with by pressing a button on the transmitter and then the headset. LEDs flash for a second or two and then you’re connected.

Setting up the system’s a breeze. Simply hook the TX up to your preferred audio source with the included optical cable, plug in the power adaptor, pop some batteries in the RX, and you’re good to go.

What do you think about this video? How can I do this on PS4 slim? What do I have to choose? Tv Av or Astro A50? In The Output devise. I don’t have an optical plug Solar Aqier: I’ve updated my mixamp but the headset doesn’t get recognized by my pc Do u need to have a computer ej reddish: I just have the headphones and cords ej reddish: I don’t have the small block MyDogHitsBills: I can hear sound, and the mic is being recognized, but I can’t hear people talk.

I’m having trouble with my headset for the PS4 I did all the settings in this video and it has an! Over the microphone when I’m in a party. What do I do to fix this problem?

How to hook up your astro a50 xbox one to ps4

That’s roughly what an Xbox or a PS3 costs these days! Still, we would recommend these pricey cans to anyone with multiple consoles in their home, or someone who likes to game on PC as well as enjoy stereo sound in their living room. When going between different devices, the plugging and unplugging can get tiresome, but it’s worth it. The A50s provide high quality sound and relative ease of use with a lot of different devices.

If you hook up the A20 to a Mac or a PC, you can download the Astro Command Center and fully reprogram each of these EQ presets to your heart’s content. That’s really great! That’s really great!

Slightly awkward control placement. Bottom Line Astro Gaming’s A50 Wireless Headset is one of the more expensive gaming headsets you can buy, but with its excellent audio quality, comfortable wire-free design, and compatibility with PC, Xbox , and PlayStation 3, it’s our Editors’ Choice. Because of this, a quality gaming headset is a vital element in any gamer’s arsenal. It sounds stellar, feels good, and has the convenience of a wireless headset, earning it our Editors’ Choice for gaming headsets.

Design The headset itself is a large pair of over-ear headphones with a flip-down boom microphone on the left side. They’re black plastic, with some red and grey flourishes to make them look distinct. They’re comfortable, and while they’re slightly awkward to adjust thanks to very stiff connections between the headband and the posts connected to the ear cups, they fit around my head without pinching or feeling loose. The controls are all placed just behind the ear cups, and feel distinct enough to be blindly controlled despite their small, slightly awkward positioning.

When you’re playing a game, watching a movie, or listening to music, you can switch between three preset equalizer modes using a slider switch just below the Power button. The top mode is a general media mode, the middle mode is a gaming mode that emphasizes explosions and bass, and the bottom mode is a competitive shooter mode that emphasizes ambient noise for situational awareness. A large two-direction button on the right ear cup adjusts the headset’s balance between game audio and voice communication audio, which is useful in multiplayer games with voice chat, if you want to bump up team communication or emphasize ambient combat noise.

The Logitech G offers a much better layout, with the controls spread over the ear cups, and the Razer Tiamat 7.

Astro headset mic not working

These new headsets and MixAmps feature new color schemes and updated audio performance like PS4 tuning. For those wondering how these models differ from previous offerings, there is more to it than just simple style and packaging. These models have been specifically tuned to match the needs of the four listed platforms.

Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset (PS4/Mac OS/PC) £ View £ View £ View £ View There’s also a built in accelerometer which may sound a little overboard but is actually a rather ingenious addition.

Removing the outer sleeve your greeted with a nicely designed box covered in various art work. This then folds outwards in too two sections revealing the A40 headset and MixAmp. An extra compartment on the right houses the microphone and array of cables. In total you receive 6 cables including a 3. The Headset The headset itself looks great and is available in both black and white — personally I much prefer the white.

When first using the headset I was a little hesitant because they felt very fragile. Thanks to Astro placing a microphone port on each ear-cup you can wear the mic on whichever side you wish. My only criticisms of the headphones are the fabric ear-surrounds. Personally I prefer leather surrounds as I think they help to reduce background noise. Not only this but sound leaks from the headphones when in use, even when not at a particularly high volume level.

The rear face of the MixAmp hosts three input ports including the optical port, MP3 3. Also found on the back is a mini-USB port for powering the device.

Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset review: Setup and interface

I owned a number of cheap ones in college during my World of Warcraft days that had to be replaced on a regular basis, and this was in addition to the fact that they were simply uncomfortable to wear. The package also includes a quick start guide to show you how to quickly setup your headset to work with your PC, Xbox , or PS3. In fact, as of this writing, the website does not yet have a full manual, which is a bit alarming given how long the product has been out now.

Hi, this is an in depth video of setting up the Astro A50 Wireless Headset (2nd generation) on the Xbox One S. The same setup will apply for the Xbox One. New Gen3 AstroGaming A50 Wireless Headset Unboxing – How To Setup PS4 & PC + Base Station & Mod Kit.

However, when it came time to hop on a raid in Destiny or any other multiplayer game where communication is required, I had to switch to the Turtle Beach XO Four Stealth wired headset so my team could hear me properly. While I came to the conclusion of this was how life was going to be for a while, Astro just released their new Astro A50 Wireless Headsets for Xbox One or Gen 3 A50 and I got a chance to check them out.

Both versions of the A50 come with a headphones stand and transmitter that charges the headset and plugs into your console via USB and digital optical-in. The headphones offer Dolby 7. The headset also has general volume control and the option to turn off Dolby Digital sound. The A50 also has programmable EQ settings. While the headset does come with a switch to select between three pre-programmed EQ settings, you can change those using the Astro Command Center Software.

You have to connect the transmitter to your PC, with the headset in the stand, to assign your EQ setting to the switches. One of the cool things about the A50, however, is the option of changing out of the cup cushions and headband with an Astro A50 Mod Kit. The Mod Kit cushions are a soft synthetic leather that offers more of a noise-cancellation experience and also comes with a matching headband.

Comfort One of the things I liked the most about the new A50 headsets is how comfortable they are. They headset is super light, the ear cups, both the fabric and synthetic leather, are super soft and feel great resting on my head. There was a point I even forgot I was wearing them on my head. Performance Straight out of the box, the headset sounds superb.

How to: Use Astro A50 Headset on Xbox One & PC Simultaneously